The Plan

  • It may seem a retrograde step, but after two years of unrestrained compulsive book purchasing (CBP), during which the TBR grew by +250, I’m reverting to spreadsheet controls. This won’t cure me, but it will help the bank balance and ease the pressure on creaking floorboards. Purchase allowance is 1 book for each three read or culled.
  • I like my reading to be divided equally between anglophone writing, German literature (mostly translated) and works translated from other languages. This usually works itself out with slight variation of its own accord (39%, 27%, 34% last year). In 2022 though, I shall choose at least 50% of my reading from the pre-2022 TBR. Choices for the many reading projects I have in mind this year are, therefore, more likely than not to come from my existing TBR.
  • I start each year with a goodreads target of 80 books, though in reality I am aiming for 100. I’ll stick to that, but feel certain that 100 will elude me this year. I need to buy out time to savour and enjoy more chunksters ( >450 pages) and more non-fiction. Having read only 4 of each in 2021, the backlog demands urgent attention.
A selection from the backlog

And that’s it. A simple 3-point plan with inbuilt manoeuvrability. Is it achievable? Who knows.

Q1 2022 Great Anticipations

I’m giving that restrained purchasing target a chance by not buying books until mid-February, when the first two Great Anticipations are released within days of each other. The third is due in March (provided there are no further publication delays).

This post was originally published on Lizzy’s Literary Life (Volume One).

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