Just a headsup really.

Over on Goodreads, in the group Reading German Books in 2020 (and beyond), I have organised a group read of the Austrian classic, The Strudlhof Steps, which was finally published in English translation by NYRB Classics late last year. Vincent Kling’s translation has since been shortlisted for the 2022 Helen and Kurt Wolff Prize.

The schedule, if anyone is interested, is as follows:

Part One – Two weeks starting 01.05.2022
Week 1: 1-80 (Section break)
Week 2: 80-150 (End of Part One)

Part Two – Two Weeks starting 15.05.2022
Week 3: 151-246 (Section break)
Week 4: 246-331 (End of Part Two)

Part Three – Two weeks starting 29.05.2022
Week 5: 335-435 (Section break)
Week 6: 435-524 (End of Part Three)

Part Four – Three Weeks starting 12.06.2002
Week 7: 527-629
Week 8: 629-729
Week 9: 729-802 (The End)

There’s a useful introduction to the book with Vincent Kling and Daniel Kehlmann at

The discussion will be quite relaxed, people commenting as and when they like. If anyone can point me in the direction of a list of reader’s questions to help with the discussion, I’d be most grateful. Given the book’s status in Austrian fiction, there must be something. If there is, it is eluding me.

For the next two months The Strudlhof Steps will be my Sunday afternoon companion. So I’m off now to make its acquaintance. I will report back on progress at the end of the month.