Thank you everyone: authors, translators, publishers and readers for making German Literature Month such a pleasure once again. Don’t worry if you still have something to finish reading and reviewing. The traditional extension is, in place; this year, until 16th December when my 12th review for GLM XII (already written and submitted) will be published on the European Literature Network. (As it was my Book of The Month, I want it to count!)

Between now and then I will only have sporadic wifi, so building the GLM XII author index will be more challenging than usual. So could I ask you, if you’ve not already done so, to add links to your reviews to the GLM XII Linky over at, as I’d hate to miss anything.

It’s a good job I had some reading under my belt before the event began as November 2022 turned into a month of distraction. The decorators were in to fix and refurb the hall and living room after the protracted bathroom saga. There was the drama of a lost mobile phone. Tracked down and retrieved, thankfully. Throw in a spot of car trouble and it’s a wonder that I completed my 12 posts for GLM XII challenge with all reads aligning with the 4 suggested prompts, even if they weren’t reviewed according to schedule.

This is the bookstack generated by the GLM XII reading prompts and the bicentennial of E T A Hoffman’s death.

Lizzy’s GLM XII Book Stack

First Time for Everything

Second Helpings

Firm Favourites

Something Different (in my case Children and Young Adults Fiction)

I wonder what GLM XIII will bring? With the event hitting the teens, anything could happen! Will I see you next year?