I had a simple 3-point strategy for 2022.



Reduce reading target to 80 books to buy out time for a few chunksters

Read 97 including 2 > 800 page chunksters. DNF’ed a third at 500 pages.

Choose at least 50% of my reading from the pre-2022 TBR.


Purchase allowance is 1 book for each three read or culled.

I’d have managed this, but for a 10-book splurge in December. Nevertheless I reduced purchases by one third.

While not resounding, I’m going to call that a success. I aimed at the target, even if I didn’t quite find the bullseye.

More statistics for those so minded:

  • Books read : Number reviewed 97:69
  • Library Books : Purchases : Review Copies 4:59:34
  • Anglophone originals : Translated from 12 languages 52:45
  • Translated from German : Read in German 29:0 (Oh dear)
  • Number of countries afforded virtual visits: 21
  • Number of publishing imprints read: 65
  • Favourite publishers (in terms of numbers read): I spread myself thinly around publishers in 2022. Still Canongate, and V&Q Books scored 3 with Faber and Faber and Orenda Books scoring 4. (All indy publishers too.)
  • Number read from pre-2022 TBR: 48
  • Number of 2022 releases/reissues: 49

Best Reading of 2022

Book of The Year

Not an easy decision. The anthology of poems about books and libraries is obviously the one that spoke to me the most and the one to beat. But then I began to wonder if it is fair to pitch the brains of all those bookworms against the genius storytelling of just one woman, enhanced by Jonathan Keeble’s sterling audio performance. Given that I “read” the audiobook with a view to removing the physical chunkster from my shelves, then didn’t because it is just too brilliant to part with, I decided it is only right and proper to adorn Hilary Mantel’s A Place of Greater Safety with Lizzy’s 2022 Book of Year sash. I’d best not use the crown to avoid the risk of being hauled before a tribunal by all those French revolutionaries!