Now that I’m celebrating completion of the 5-day bathroom install that ended up taking 10 months (ask me if you see me, and you’ve got a good listening ear: it was a catastrophe, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?), I’m busy organising plasterers, decorators, choosing wallpaper and paint. In what downtime there is, I’m reading, but I’m not in a reviewing frame-of-mind. There’s sunshine and warm weather to enjoy this week. Such lovely summers are too rare to be spent inside on the computer – in Scotland at least. I’ll get back to reviewing next month.

In the meantime, I’m nicking the #54321challenge hashtag from Instagram. Not sure where it started. Do join in if you feel like it.

5 Books I love (All read in the 2020s)

4 Auto Buy Authors

  • Kate Atkinson
  • Oliver Bottini
  • Abir Mukherjee
  • Juli Zeh

3 Genres I Love

  • Crime Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction

2 Places I love to read

  • Anywhere and Everywhere (though not in the bath!)

1 Book I’m reading next